Julie Rea grew up with a French horn in one hand and a trumpet, bass, or mallet rattling around in the other. She has been known for her merits in playing both classical, jazz, and just plain outlandish music on both sides of the Atlantic. Born from the love of music was a love for movement which led her to find her home in belly dance.


Growing up in Reno, Nevada, Julie was able to study regularly under talented mentors Tahari and Kami Liddle. She evolved along with her dance under the guidance of these lovely performers and set out as a soloist to find her own voice. In 2006, Julie jumped ship and found herself a home in Madrid, Spain where she was able to explore the dance community. She studied with Morgana while absorbing new musical and dance influences. She became a member of Dhama, a tribal fusion belly dance company based out of Madrid, in 2009 and played trumpet with Cromática Pistona from 2007 - 2010.


Relocating to San Francisco in 2010, Julie performed as a soloist and in various collaborative projects while continuing to study from the luminaries that populate this mecca of the tribal fusion belly dance community, including Jill Parker, Kami Liddle, Rose Harden and the lovely ladies of Fat Chance Belly Dance.


Julie is an original member of Gold Star Dance Company, directed by Kami Liddle, and performs regularly with the Americano Social Club. She also co-produces Baxtalo Drom - The Lucky Road, a monthly gypsy punk party in San Francisco featuring live music and performance, burlesque, belly dance and floor rattling DJ's.

Photo by Kristine Adams

Julie Rea